What kind of game

A new concept puzzle game where you match four balls of the same color, by sucking in and letting out one ball at a time.


Zill is a girl who longs for the world of the stars.
A space circus troupe landed their spaceship on the star where Zill lives!
I want to look inside the spaceship! Zill approached the circus troupe's spaceship.
Inside the spaceship, the circus troupe is right in the middle of rehearsal.
Seeing this, Zill came to love the circus as much as she loved space.
Zill joined the space circus and set off into the world of the stars.


◇With a full tutorial, operation is simple.
The tutorial is rounds 1 to 5. The operation procedure and the rules are easy to understand.

◇There are 50 rounds in all.
The spaceship Zill rides goes around to various star worlds.

◇Variegated rendering makes the game heat up.
The particle rendering of disappearing balls and the warp scenes when a round is cleared are thoroughly interesting.

◇It's filled with convenient functions and speedrun elements.
The useful round select feature allows you to chose the next round or a cleared round.
The speedrun element "speed" mode appears after clearing round 50.